1. SGVP Droneshvar is such a blessing to our family. “As a parent, I want my children to be good people, as children now, and as they mature throughout their adult lives. And I want them to be happy. SGVP Droneshvar school is part of the foundation for them to be both. My children learn that everyone is special, no matter the color of their skin, their grades, financial class or home life. And they learn to respect those differences and behave accordingly. In today’s world, I think that is huge.

  1. Academically, SGVP Droneshvar is filled with wonderfully talented and gifted teachers and faculty, who help students in and out of the classroom. They are interested in each student and really care about the students’ success. We are so impressed with the family centered atmosphere at SGVP Droneshvar school.

  1. I feel glad and grateful that SGVP Droneshvar is acted as my daughter’s second home. They have fun at school learning and making friends and they have many opportunities to build their confidence through the various activities at school. The teachers are dedicated and caring.